Comprehend the various kinds of College Backpack before buying

Using backpack is something that comes regardless of race and geographic location as far as human civilization goes. Given the many uses of backpacks in various facets of our life, it is a fact which is not startling at all. For people that have a love for travel and like to do it the free and easy manner, backpacks can be used to carry property to the invaluables from clothings to tools. If you are say a college student, you probably understand how in the past backpacks were used to take those heavy textbooks but one that’s evolved in functionality as the use of notebooks is becoming mainstream. This isn’t mentioning the other more everyday uses of backpacks including fashion accessories.

One thing which you need to be clear when you are purchasing a new backpack is to know the very function you need to use your backpack for as the best hiking backpacks can be absolutely different from the best travel backpacks. Your hunting – whether it is for the best college backpack or others – will be a good deal simpler if this is clear to you since the start. If you wonder why I’m saying this, you have to comprehend that backpacks have been used by different people for different purposes which create unique markets where each niche is generally dominated by few reputable brands. If for example the best backpacks for college is what you’re interested in, you can forget about backpack evaluations that discuss brands like Teton and merely want to focus your investigation on brands like High Sierra instead. As you can see, this will allow you to zoom in on specific brands and models without wasting your time in looking at backpack brands and versions that you will have no chance of purchasing.

One important section of the backpack marketplace is the college students. Bear in mind that this market segment often lumps both college and high school together though. I recall that in the past (when I was still attending school), my backpack would be filled with all the textbooks and some of them can be extremely heavy. But recently, the introduction of mobile computing and all the devices that are tablet, there’s a classroom paradigm shift toward e learning. The most evident change is the replacement of challenging printed publications with e-textbooks. Theoretically, this should be a relieve to pupils as it would mean that there’ll be less novels to bring to school which can merely mean lighter backpacks. Things didn’t turn out as what many pupils would have hoped for. While e-book is weightless, laptop is nearly essential for every college student and 17-inch laptop, which is becoming common today, may weigh up to 2kg. Not every students can afford a Macbook although of course we know Macbook Air can be really light and in fact a majority of them can not. So instead of finding a load decrease in their backpacks, pupils are seeing increased load which naturally means that the best backpacks for school need to evolve and they’re generally heavier (instead of lighter) as they need to offer basic laptop protection at the very least.

One fast growing backpack is among the professionals. You’ll realize why, if you take a look at the mass adoption of laptop and increased amount of freedom among professionals. The number of professionals who are still using their desktop computer is on the point of extinction and when notebooks are more than sufficient to carry through everyday jobs for example altering text and spreadsheet, no one needs a PC. The notion of using a backpack is not something that comes naturally among the professionals as most of them would choose to use the more elegant sling or carry-all tote at the start. It’s just after regular travel that most professionals see the need to carry a backpack as it is seen as the better practical alternative. This trend has immediately caught the attention of backpack makers and they’ve been fast to address this marketplace. Now, brands like Samsonite are among the leading players in the marketplace and because of this, if you are looking for best backpacks for professionals, more often than not, you will be looking at alternatives offering look and function when you are doing your backpack discussions.

With the wide ranging nature in the manner backpacks are designed and used for, backpack hunting is no longer as easy as picking one from the department store shelf and claim which you have the best backpack. Then backpack reviews are helpful to bridge that knowledge gap. But don’t just blindly go through any backpack evaluations though. If you’re hunting for a hiking daypack, you don’t need to end up going through laptop backpack reviews which can not be totally relevant and only lead to confusion.


Based on these facts I consider backpack is something which will always maintain its relevancy. Backpack will continuously evolve and keep pace with the changing lifestyle needs and fashion vogues. One interesting question is whether we’re going to see the size of backpacks that are professional and college shrinking in the future. Well, I can tell you I don’t have the answer but one thing for sure is they’ll be determined by the size of our future computers. With the continuous chatter of bendable and foldable screen technology, it is fairly likely that the size of notebooks may be shrink to half of its current size or possibly smaller. When this becomes a reality, it is time for backpack manufacturers to begin designing smaller backpacks.

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